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How do I write a book review?

Before writing a review, you need to know what it is and what kinds of book reviews exist.

A review is a detailed description (abstract) of a fiction or nonfiction work of art, designed to create an impression of it on the target audience.

The review includes not a book overview itself, but also analysis of the author’s work. A good review is different from a personal review. A review is nothing more than a private subjective opinion.

Types of reviews

An official review is usually just a praise text in praise of the author of a book. They are written by order of publishers, organizations, celebrities, officials, businessmen, crooks, etc. The more lavish the epithets in a formal review, the duller and weaker the book will be.

A functional review is required for a practical analysis of the book. It may be commissioned by publishers to see whether the work will reach its target audience. The reviewer in this case is more of an analyst and literary agent than critic.

An informative review and an essay are the most common formats of book reviews on the internet. All bloggers and authors of thematic websites write such texts-evaluations. Hyperbole, metaphors, sticking out one’s opinion, referring to similar works, discussing the colour of the author’s pants – all this white noise makes up 99% of online book reviews.

A journalistic review is produced when the author focuses on the social and societal issues raised in the work. It is written brightly, harshly, scathingly, necessarily disputable – to break a lot of copies in discussion.

The critical review – is when the work of art (often together with the author) are anatomised, dissected and sorted out letter by letter: what he said, what he wanted to say, what the readers thought, who of them where the mistake and how well the clever reviewer noticed it all.

Structure of a review

A good review always has a “head”, a “neck”, a “body” and a “tail”. The head is the headline. The “neck” is the introductory paragraph (lead) consisting of 2-3 scathing informative sentences. Then begins the main text (body), and the tail of the review is a summary of the article or the critic’s conclusions about the book in question. The length of a really good book review is 1000-6000 characters, but no more than 1000 words. Less than 1000 words will not cover all problems of the work, and more than 1000 words it is difficult to make a coherent whole structure. Here already strongly clever and well-read intellectual should be.

As you can see, a review is not just a brief review of a book, it is a thoughtful analysis of it, so a busy student does not always have time to write a review. But what should you do if you are pressed for time and need to hand in your paper? There is a way out! WiseEssays is a company that will help you. You can order and buy a book review essay in the specified time and of the highest quality.

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